1 Pound of Velvet Mints



Our number one seller.  We start with a smooth and creamy chocolate, whip it until it is light and airy and then enhance it with just a touch of peppermint to create a one of a kind sensation.  Each box contains one pound of these delicious mints.  The colors of the foils will vary on the time of year.  



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Velvet Mint *

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4th Dec 2021

Perfect gift for all occasions.

To paraphrase, Bet you cannot eat just one. Ordering on line is quick and easy and mail delivery was fast.

Carol Meadows 22nd Nov 2021

Best piece of candy around!

I truly think that of all the candies in this Candy Store the Velvet Mint knocks it out of the park. Amazing chocolate wrapped around this cloud of minty chocolate. Just melts in your mouth. Super lite and creamy. Please do not leave this store without trying them. I always get at least a pound. Enjoy!

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