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The intoxicating aroma of chocolate embraced him the moment the door cracked open. Velvety mints, chewy caramels, suicide apples, pecan clusters, truffles and the fudge; ah, yes, the trademark fudge!

For years the young lad would slip into the corner candy store, his senses surrounded by the sights, the smells and the sounds of the candy making process. With eyes dancing and body tingling with the excitement of a child, he proclaimed silently, “Someday, I’m going to grow up and have my own candy store”! And now, a couple decades later, who would have guessed that not only does the small-town lad with a dream own a candy store, he owns that very candy store which sparked an innocent childhood dream!

In early 2007, the planets aligned, the stars shone bright and a dream became a reality when Patrick Nauman and Keith Bryant purchased Weiser Classic Candy, formerly known as Fawn’s Classic Candies. After years of enjoying the confectionary creations, ice cream treats, and sumptuous sandwiches of the in-house deli, Patrick and Keith knew this is where they were meant to be as they also hold an appreciation for, and commitment to, quality products and impeccable customer service.

With an ambitious goal of developing and introducing 20 new varieties of candy coupled with launching an attractive web site, candy lovers worldwide are in for a sensual treat from the hands of these two partners!

Welcome to Weiser Classic Candy! We are confident you’ll enjoy our Classic Candies and that you’ll find our newest confectionary creations to be sinfully delectable and tempting! And if, along the way, we can bring joy to the lives of children both young and young at heart, we’ll know our dream really has become a reality. Enjoy!