Peanut Butter Lovers Box


You get a great sampling of all of our creations featuring the creamiest peanut butter.  This box features Peanut Butter delight - creamy peanut butter and white chocolate blended together to create the perfect marriage of tastes, Peanut Butter Dreams - Our version of the classic Peanut Butter Cup, Whattzit - light and fluffy homemade marshmallow infused with chopped pecans, topped with a layer of peanut butter cream then drenched in white or dark chocolate, drizzled with white chocolate and finished with chopped pecans, and last but not least our Cashew Crown - creamy peanut butter and chopped cashews packed into milk chocolate and then crowned in white chocolate!  Lose the jelly because you won't want peanut butter any other way after you try these creations.  

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Niki 19th Nov 2020

For every peanut butter lover

If you love peanut butter, you will love these. My family is a big peanut butter and choc. lover. These hit the spot every time.

Cindy Hochstrasser 20th Apr 2011

A true Delight!!!!

Finally made it back to the Weiser Candy store after 1 1/2 years today and had these again. Pure bliss! It is a wonderful combination of homemade marshmallow and silky peanut butter, drenched in your delightful milk chocolate and sprinkled with pecans. As we drove away, AI was kicking myself for not buying more!

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